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 In my two bedroom apartment thinking about what I could do to correct my past then a text came in from funke am at the venue waiting for you o. …immediately I dressed up and headed to ripples on getting there I met funke sitted already..

Funke: Hope say u carry enough money come, Na u go pay my bills


well that was actually the least of my problems right now

Me: Back to the main matter on ground I need to see the doctors report till I believe what you’re saying..

Funke: If that’s ok by you, pick the hospital and we’ll do it tomorrow

following morning

We both went to the hospital to do the test and the result came out it was positive, which I was not happy with…

I started wondering what I would o but to my amazement something unimaginable happened, immediately I stepped out of the hospital with funke a group of guys waylaid us, shouting at funke that if she makes any attempt to remove the pregnancy she’s dead… 

When they left she started begging me and deep inside me I was really angry and left there in annoyance still happy that God just saved me from one problem, now I have to deal with Temi

**Saturday morning **

Bachelors life ain’t easy , no one to run errands for you… I needed to get airtime on my phone to call temi so I decided to send my neighbour’s daughter….

Me: Susan how are you?

Susan: Am fine sir

Me: Please help me get #1000 mtn worth airtime.

She was actually washing clothes when I sent her to get the credit, when she got back she knocked on the door and I opened, when she handed me the credit the wrapper tied to her waist got loose …….



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