SAINt JHN Drops A New Single “For The Squadron”

SAINt JHN shares a loose new single for his fans called “For The Squadron.”

SAINt JHN doesn’t operate like most other artists. He refuses to release his songs in conventional fashion, often sharing them with his core fanbase ahead of the official release, gauging popularity before adding them to streaming services. Previously, the Guyanese-American recording artist shared his latest single, “The Best Part Of Life,” which was first previewed as part of his world tour announcement (which was later postponed because of COVID). Similarly, SAINt shared his new song, “For The Squadron,” exclusively on YouTube last week before the inevitable widescale release.

Announcing to his fans that he is presently in Puerto Rico recording new music, SAINt JHN shared “For The Squadron,” asking for feedback on the record on YouTube. “I wanna do more of THIS, this year,” he said about the direction of his upcoming music.

As we wait for more new music from SAINt JHN, check out our recent interview with the artist from last year, and listen to “For The Squadron” below.



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