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New Story: Sins Of My Past Episode 2



A true life story of the Sins of my Past

I seat down quite pretending to be listening to what Mr Aigbegun was teaching but all my attention was on her body fragrance, gosh she smells so nice,it was the sound of the school bell that brought back my attention, Mr Aigbegun was done with his time “okey see you all later and make sure you submit your assignment to me next time I come , bye” we all response wishing his a pleasant day, as soon as Mr Aigbegun left the classroom and once quite and clam class became a market place, students were walking from one desk to another, some where arranging their books, just then I sighted osazee whispering into osaretin ear,he looked at me smiling suddenly they both blust into laughter, i wondered why they were laughing and why that funny look on their faces.

Time passes so fast and the teachers came to offer us what they have for us, she was speechless all through, calm and gently, the only time she will make a sound is either when she is unzipping or zipping up her school bag, i wonder why she was so quite maybe because it
was her first day at a new school, it was 12:30 pm and it was lunch time, the bell rang and all the students
was seen going out of my class, osayewenre, osazee and osaretin walked up to be
 “be first oh,we are waiting for you” osayewenre said,”just give me a second ”
I replied, he went and joined osaretin and osazee who were standing close to the classroom door waiting for me to join them, I quickly arranged my bag and stood up, i so wanted to invite her along but the words wouldn’t seems to be found in my mouth, i didn’t understand why because am not usually a shy person, i looked back at her hoping see will raise up her head to even observe if every one was gone but she didn’t, she was so busying with the note she was writing, i went to join my friends and we all went to have something to eat.

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