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Just In: The Female Student who was killed & Set Ablaze in Sokoto

Just In: The Female Student who was killed & Set Ablaze in Sokoto
Just In: The Female Student who was killed & Set Ablaze in Sokoto

The name of the female student killed in Sokoto today is Deborah. Her only offense was that she told her Muslim colleagues in their class WhatsApp group that sending religious stuff to their class WhatsApp group which has both Christians and Muslims is wrong.

It was alleged that she insulted Almighty Allah in the process. This is what late Deborah said in Hausa in the voice note that caused her death.

“Holy Ghost fire, nothing will happen to us. the group is not created for sending nonsense things. It is created to send past questions, if there is test, or if we are given assignments not all these nonsense things.

Which kind prophet, nonsense prophet” The voice note by Deborah blaspheming against the Almighty Allah and prophet Mohammed went viral which erupted in a protest in the school today.

In the melee that ensued, she was asked to withdraw the statement and apologise, which she refused.

The school security intervened and took her to their security post for safety, but they were overpowered by the rampaging students who were baying for her blood, after which she was killed in the process.

The killers were shouting Allahu Akbar before they killed her. “After killing her, her body was burnt on the school premises,” a source said.

Her killers made a disturbing video, which I can’t share because of Facebook Wahala, showing their faces and claiming ownership that they killed the poor girl.

The audacity!

We can’t create a country that works for everyone with this kind of barbaric, devilish, and extremist mindset.

This is a reminder of the persecution Northern Christians who are in the minority are facing at the hands of their Muslim brothers and sisters who are in the majority and the fact that, truly, this minority group of Christians is endangered.
May the soul of Deborah rest in peace and I hope my good man Tambuwal will rise to the occasion by arresting and persecuting the murderers.

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